Гениальный многофункциональный гаечный ключ

Perhaps every Soviet bike remembers what family is the key. This metal plate strange shape, in which are cut holes of different nuts and other fasteners. The invention is brilliant in its simplicity, yet not without some drawbacks. For example, the notch inside the plate which is not always convenient to use, plus sometimes not enough leverage to tighten the fasteners. And the cutouts and the protrusions on the edges of the family key is not contributed to the convenience of its transportation.

Гениальный многофункциональный гаечный ключ

Now on Kickstarter successful is the campaign to raise funds for the production of improved varieties of key family that has been deprived of most of its predecessor’s shortcomings, he still is more compact and more convenient to use.

The tool consists of a narrow metal sleeve of minimum thickness, which can simultaneously store five modules with cutouts of different shapes and sizes. When you click on the top module, bottom extends from the bottom, and it can be rearranged in the upper part. Thus the working module is always on top, whereby the same key is convenient to use, and the lever is sufficient to tighten the fastener.

Provides for kits in which along with the basic modules will be supplied more and more. All parts can be stored in an extremely compact case made of leatherette.

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