«Рыба» в кляре по-вегетариански легко и быстро

Any vegetarian want to set the table, using all the familiar flavors, to surprise your guests with unusual dish or to convince them that vegetarianism is based on the fact that does not exclude old tastes and habits. Really, you can cook anything you want without using meat, fish products and eggs.

What to do if I wanted the “sea” of taste? For example, you can cook vegetarian “soup”, “sea” lasagna, vegetable rolls, or “fish” in the batter.

«Рыба» в кляре по-вегетариански легко и быстро

Today I will show you how to quickly prepare a delicious “fish” vegetarian meals when the guests are on the doorstep and time is very, very little.

We need:

  • Adyghe cheese
  • nori seaweed
  • flour
  • spices

The recipe for vegan fish in batter

Cut Adyghe cheese into thick rectangular slices (the slices should be thick enough that the sea did not break sticks) and wrap them in the nori sheets.

The sheet should be divided into 4 equal parts. The cheese is laid out with a rough hand. Before cheese, nori is better to moisten with the hand dipped in cold water. Then, wrap the cheese so that both sides could see the cheese.

«Рыба» в кляре по-вегетариански легко и быстро

Prepare the batter. To the flour add salt, spices (I used black pepper, curry, coriander) and mix well. Dilute the flour with water and stir with a whisk. The batter should have the consistency of thick cream.

Roll sticks in batter on all sides and sauté in olive oil or ghee (butter should be quite a lot).

«Рыба» в кляре по-вегетариански легко и быстро

Fish sticks are ready when the crust has cooked and the batter is cooked inside. You can put the finished sticks on a napkin to remove excess oil. “Fish,” vegetarian tempura can be served with any side dish (rice, buckwheat, potatoes, etc.). I like to bring to the table “fish” with tomato potatoes with cheese, rice.

Bon appetit!

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