Haylie Baldwin came to the defense of the models

Хайли Болдуин встала на защиту моделей

Model Haylie Baldwin, as her friends and her colleagues , Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, are often accused that they are not models at all, and so currently, medialize, spoiled by the success of his parents-majors. But in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the daughter of Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin has denied this information.

“Older supermodels sometimes can’t accept the fact that we – a new generation of models. We don’t pretend to be supermodels. I’m more inclined to think that we are a new type of businesswoman, and model business – this business that brought us success. But we in any case do not want to move someone or discredit someone’s past success,” said Haile.
Recall, that the attacks on the models began in April of this year, when the model of the 90s Rebecca romijn live Entertainment Tonight threw a shadow on the daughters of celebrities who now call themselves models.
“I know that many in the modeling world I can’t stand them. I also hate it when these stars of social networking begin to consider themselves supermodels. They’re not real supermodels” — said Romin.
But tyra banks then embarked on to protect and Jenner and Hadid, expressing to them his sympathy and telling that she early in his career faced nenavistnuy, but the “fire in his soul and support his mother” helped her make a career.