Stas Mikhailov received the diploma of GITIS on higher education

Стас Михайлов получил диплом ГИТИСа о высшем образовании

In 2011, the singer Stas Mikhailov desperate to find intelligent, understanding, hard-working and responsible producer. To continue the search did not make sense, because Mikhailov has decided that the most appropriate option would be to learn this business and to conduct their cases personally.

No sooner said than done. In 2011 singer of the hit “Without you” passed the entrance exam to GITIS and became a student of the correspondence Department of the production Department of the University.

In June of this year, Mikhailov made its way into higher education, but only last week, the singer finally managed to find a window in a busy schedule and get the diploma of GITIS.

How responsible Mikhailov was a student told his classmate: “”Stas are not always able to attend classes, everyone knew it: after all, he is one of the most successful and popular singers on the stage – constantly touring, removed, says the press classmate Mikhailova Alina Artes. But all the exams, tests he tried to pass the time. The teachers never made allowances for the fact that Stas is a superstar, treated him demanding, Popolac it was not. Although many of them, we believe, are his groupies. Prom we had back in June, a few days after the last exam. Stas, by the way, I passed it excellently.