Dmitry Nagiyev had to joke in a live broadcast immediately after the news of the death of my mother

Дмитрию Нагиеву пришлось шутить в прямом эфире сразу после сообщения о смерти мамы

The workers of entertainment industry know firsthand how difficult and sometimes cruel sometimes their profession. About the difficult ordeal he had to go live show “the Voice”, told Dmitry Nagiyev. The host of the program said that last year right during the recording of the broadcast he had to joke around and be funny and charming on camera, while his heart was eager for news, which he announced in the evening.

“I remember the story last year when we had the December shooting. Half an hour before the live broadcast called me and said that mom died… And it is a cruelty of our work is on to cancel… Hope the audience did not see”, – frankly said Nagiyev.

Note that Dmitri is not the only one who had to go through this difficult time. In October 1986, in such a situation was Alla Pugacheva.

Before I go on stage, called her then-husband, Yevgeny Boldin, and said that in Moscow he died her mother Zinaida Arkhipovna. What Pugachev snapped: “I did not just hear that. I need to work out the concert hall is full!”