Глюк'oZa сделала роковую ошибку, не надев бюстгальтер

The singer’s walking the street without underwear.

Glyuk oZу has long been called a style icon: every outfit a flawless singer, meets all the fashion trends, and just simply always on her. But the icons are failures.

Natasha shared fresh photo from a walk and told me about how is she summer. However, fans of the star hardly ever read her post, Yes, and beautiful pond in the background posing singer, few noticed the view of the majority was confined to the bust of Natalia. Because she forgot to wear under a sweater bra!

Of course, sometimes the lack of underwear is understandable. For example, a dress with a cutout on the back not wearing a bra, some lightweight summer sundresses look better on bare skin. But Glyuk oZе this day was an ordinary blouse! And the lack under it such an important attribute as the bra played with Natalia a cruel joke. All and Sundry are now able to examine the breast of the singer.

I wonder, did the spouse Ionova this picture? Though the singer claims that her husband was not against her candid shots, they really always look very aesthetically pleasing, but this frame looks more like a mistake.

Meanwhile, at this photo Natalia has told that soon will go on vacation. So what do you expect from the singer’s sexy pictures in swimsuit.

“This summer I’m almost all spent in Moscow and touring, was the release of the video, shooting… But he who works well and resting! Waiting for your August! Soon, sea, sun and close relatives”.

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