Ким Кардашьян подчеркнула худобу секси-платьем

The reality star lost a lot of weight over the past few weeks and can’t seem to get enough of her new body. At least, the only way to explain the fact that the outfits Kim each time becoming shorter and openly.

Rumor has it, Kim Kardashian managed to lose about 30 pounds overweight. Well, this rumor you can believe without difficulty: now it looks like never looked like never. Thin slender legs and wasp waist has recently started to Kim a real fetish. Not surprisingly, in recent times she tries as often as possible to show the world her new body and wear the most seductive outfits.

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Recently Kardashian with daughter North, was spotted in Los Angeles in a sensuous provocative manner. In front of the paparazzi, the star appeared in a black leather mini dress with a deep neckline and open shoulders. That Kim chose to exit this dress to show the world your new figure, no doubt! In it, the star looked almost as thin as her sister, model Kendall.

By the way, in the network there was a rumor that the perfect figure Kim Kardashian has made not quite a natural way. For example, her wasp waist – a result of surgery to remove ribs.

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