Шок: Бузова стала выглядеть как настоящая леди

TV presenter struck fans with a new stylish way, posting on Instagram another photo of Luke.

Olga Buzova is often a victim of criticism from followers of his “Instagrama”. I can honestly say that fashion preferences of a star has never been harmonious and elegant, but I think the situation has changed dramatically. Recently Olga has published in the microblog picture, which looked like a real style icon.

The photo that appeared on Instagram, she is depicted in a sleek, black set consisting of a pencil skirt and crop-top complex cut. Olga Buzova complements the costume is a long red vest, suede pumps with heels and a small bag on a chain. Even the most ardent haters of the presenter agreed that this outfit was one of the most successful in recent times. It is not surprising that under the picture was a large number of compliments. What those changes were? It is not excluded that Buzova finally decided to hire a stylist.

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