Glushko denied entrance by the Queen to Ukraine: “we were sold out almost all tickets”

Глушко о запрете въезда Королевой на Украину: «У нас были распроданы почти все билеты» Natasha’s husband the Queen was indignant with the decision of Ukrainian authorities not to let his spouse into the country over the next five years. The artist did not conceal emotion and shared it with followers on the social network.

      Sergei Glushko, does not conceal his opinion with regard to what happened to his wife. Natasha Koroleva was handed a decree that she will not be able to carry out scheduled concerts in Kiev. Moreover, she was denied entry to Ukraine for several years. It should be noted that Kiev is the hometown of the stars, and all of her family there. This so angered the wife of the Queen that in his Instagram he posted a photo with a paper from the security Service of Ukraine issued the performer.

      The artist stood up for his wife and began to actively respond to comments of netizens, most of whom has had his family support. In a conversation with “StarHit” Sergei admitted that he is not sure who is more lost from the incident.

      “Well, if they felt like it. The big question is who here, how many lost. So they’ve got everything right: live in warmth, abundance or need. Please, this is not,” said Tarzan, “StarHit”.

      The husband of Natasha Koroleva also said that he was guessing about a possible cancellation of the concerts. Indeed, over the past two years, many countries expressed their position in such a way that just deprived domestic isponiteli any possibility not only to speak but to cross the border for personal purposes. Sergei believed that conflict will be avoided and all will be well, but the outcome was quite prosaic.

      Natasha Koroleva about the scandal with the entry into the home: “Forgive me, my countrymen!”

      “From the beginning I allow myself such a thought. But then it went, and I decided that my fears were unfounded. We negotiated with the organizers were constantly in touch, but in the end – got what you got. Sad, sad, of course, what else to say. But we were sold out almost all tickets for the first concert,” said Glushko, in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Natasha Koroleva painfully took the decision. Now it is home to her 94-year-old grandmother, who is seriously ill. Now the concert hall “Ukraine”, which was to take the performance artist, most likely it will not be filled.

      Sergey Glushko in the comments in the social network made it clear to the fans of his wife that now it is difficult something to tell, but the decision was made. People began to worry about what will happen to their already purchased tickets, but by giving your comment “StarHit”, the man said that soon all funds will be returned.

      “I knew that everything was going as it should. Prepared, planned. Now all that remains is to return people their money. Standard procedure, but it is unpleasant all the same” – admitted to “StarHit” artist.