Rodion Gazmanov scared fans with a photo on a drip

Родион Газманов напугал поклонников фотографией под капельницей The singer got in the hospital after the concert. Rodion Gazmanov made their fans really get excited by showing them a picture taken in a medical facility. The son of a famous artist spends the weekend under the supervision of doctors.

      The son of the famous songwriter and singer Oleg Gazmanov Rodion, who was himself quite successfully builds a career, to conquer the musical Olympus and win the sympathy of fans, on Saturday forced their fans seriously excited.

      The young man has placed in his microblog photo, which shows only his hand, wrapped in tubes from the dropper. “How’s Saturday going?”, asked the under Rodion Gazmanov from their fans.

      However instead of telling the singer about plans for the weekend, those predictably began to ask him questions about health and the reasons for which he was under medical supervision.

      Comments from concerned subscribers were so numerous that the judge decided to admit that forced him to turn to doctors. However, writing for obvious reasons the star difficult, so he published a video message, which was quick to reassure his fans.

      “For anyone who is interested – I have everything in order. Simple preventive procedures to keep a cold at Bay completely. Week will be working, I really, really need a voice, especially after yesterday’s performance. Thank you all. Yet,” said Rodion Gazmanov.

      Watching this video, followers of the singer breathed a sigh of relief that their idol is not in danger.

      “Well, all exhaled. Okay!” “Rodion, you good health. Get well”, “When did that happen? Yesterday was good”, “I wish you Health and forces,” such wishes in microblogging Gazmanov leave his fans.

      We will remind, the first steps in show business Rodion Gazmanov began to do in 2012, leaving for the sake of creativity business career. Rodion Gazmanov told about his lady

      Last year Rodion tried his hand in the show “the Voice.” In the blind auditions, I turned to him Grigory Leps, however, in the next phase, in duels, Gazmanov could not compete with the other performer and left the project.

      Rodion Gazmanov solution, nastavnik upset, but as a true professional, he gave no sign. “I have no desire to win, the desire to make a cool Duo, and we succeeded,” — said the actor leaving the show. Gazmanov said that for him it was a chance to finally sing with my voice. Because a year earlier he was involved in another project of the First channel “Exactly-in-exactly” where reincarnated in different performers.