Brad pitt refused to meet with Angelina Jolie in court

Брэд Питт отказался встречаться с Анджелиной Джоли в суде The actor does not intend to sue the wife because he believes that the conflict can be solved peacefully. He doesn’t want that between them the war started in court, which could affect the mental state of their children.

      Brad pitt did not to apply to the court to issue a formal divorce with Angelina Jolie. The celebrities had only a month to make a decision on the proceedings initiated. From the moment it became known about the separation of the pair, the media find a new reason to gossip. Now, when brad decided to remain neutral, the situation may change dramatically. Jolie, despite the lack of statements by a spouse has every right to finish the job.

      According to the actor, the litigation will cause significant damage to the life and health of heirs. He wants the issue resolved without unnecessary noise, which may lead to irreparable consequences. Pitt’s position seems clear: he intends to sue for the children. It should be noted that Jolie is in General jointly and severally with her husband, because she no less concerned for them, and it is important that they feel good.

      Despite the fact that Angelina Jolie has the ability to end the trial without the presence of the second party, it still, according to sources, would prefer peace than war. Probably not pitt filed a counter-suit to the wife will be the reason for peaceful regulation of the conflict without the intervention of third parties.

      We will remind that on September 19, the actress decided to divorce brad pitt. The media are still debating the reason why one of the strongest couples broke up. Some believed that the reason pitt’s treason, others tried to convince the public that Jolie holds political views that did not suit the wife. It was also suggested that Angelina had an affair with a powerful billionaire, not to mention the fact that pitt abused his own children, which his wife decided to divorce.

      The eldest son of Angelina Jolie refused brad pitt

      Police are still investigating the case of the quarrel between pitt and 15-year-old heir to the Maddox. Although the fault of the actor has not been proven, however, the FBI communicates with Jolie’s house in Malibu, where she now is with the children. As representatives of the couple, the police need to gather as much information as possible.

      After the incident on the plane Maddox flatly refused to meet with his father and had no contact with him until October 20th, when they had to meet in the office of a therapist. However, he still keeps saying he doesn’t want to see pitt because they don’t view him as my father. Angelina adopted him even before meeting her future husband in 2002.