Глюкоза сверкнула грудью в прозрачном пеньюаре

The singer once again aroused the anger from followers of his “Instagrama”, appearing in the frame in skimpy underwear.

Glucose went on vacation with her husband, but did not forget to bring your hottest outfits. One of the fresh pictures of the star appeared almost naked, in a totally transparent tunic, worn on the naked body.

“And why is she almost naked in the pictures?”, – asked the fans of the stars. But this time there were no traditional criticism. Subscribers Natalia came to the happy and the robe, and the type that was depicted in the picture.

It’s worth noting, except for the transparent negligee on Glucose was not a single item of clothing. But the star is easy to understand: the photo was taken early in the morning when no clothes are not needed.

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