После развода Макеева стала дизайнером одежды

After changes in his personal life, the actress began to try his hand at other fields. Very soon will be released her first clothing collection, which she created together with fashion designer Apollo Bulgakoff.

Along with the brand Apollon Bygakoff Anastasia Makeeva will release a capsule collection of clothing. It will be based not banal basic elements of the summer wardrobe, and these theatrical masterpieces, which in the era of gender equality every girl can feel like a fragile, soft and feminine.

“When Apollo brought up the idea to your own collection, I realized that long dreamed about it. Our collection is the story romantic, tender and, of course, loving all a woman’s heart,” said Anastasia. The actress is sure: not the dress makes the man, and the man – dress, but still in beautiful clothes feel especially.

Collection in the style a la russe by Anastasiya Makeeva will be enjoyed by many girls: the actress will create a sensual, airy and weightless imagery with elements of folk prints and lots of colors. Romantic ruffles, theatrical ruffles, blouson sleeves, skirts, light fabrics, feminine silhouettes flying and Maxi length.

“I have traveled all over Russia from Sakhalin to Tyumen and saw how rich our country is, how abundant, how many warm, friendly and hospitable people live on this earth! I admired the mighty Siberian rivers, deep lakes, rugged taiga and proud that this is my home. So I see its collection only in the Russian style”.

12 dresses, invented by the actress will embody a famous fashion designer Apollo, Bulgakoff. The debut collection makeieva will be in stores in the fall.

“Anastasia has long been the clothing of our fashion house – both everyday and haûte couture. She likes bright dresses and comfortable items from natural fabrics. Soon I expect Cindy to visit, where we will be able to sketch layouts and carefully chosen fabrics. Also, I plan to offer her to become the face of our brand because of her Royal article of our clothing looks irresistible,” said Apollo, Bulgakoff.

Anastasia Makeeva will also take part in a photo shoot a private collection. Apollo, Bulgakoff invited presenter to do the shoot in her favorite spot – in the theater, in the beautiful scenery where you played out the story of her life, and which – still a secret.

Recall that Apollo, Bulgakoff – founder of the eponymous Russian brand clothing collection prêt-à-porter Bygakoff and haûte couture Apollon Bygakoff. Its main feature is the designer believes style space gentility, and the ability to see the gift from nature. For six years, Apollo creates beauty, mixing styles and shocking the audience with a bold decision.

As recognized by the designer, he is inspired by singer Rihanna, and the ideas he takes from space. Hence, many of the colors in the collections, reminiscent of solar panels, silver trim, space ships and sparkle suits.

All-Russian Museum of decorative-applied and folk art exhibition “Lace for show”, in which Apollo has put three of the best lace dresses from their collections. One of the dresses was bought for 1 million RUB right at the opening. Along with the works of Alexander Vasiliev and other talented Russian designers of the exhibits of Apollo in the Museum of cultural value for our country.

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