Волочкова с дочкой носят одинаковые купальники

The ballerina continues to delight fans of the candid beach photos.

Anastasia Volochkova has decided to hide from the weather in Sunny Greece. And this time the ballerina has organized a family vacation in the land of olives and wine… it on the sea shore are mother and daughter Ariadna.

Moreover, the star seems to have decided to comply with the family dress code. And buy them with Arish the same swimwear.

“Do we look like? Our kupalniki was made by my friend Irina Stepanova,” he signed Anastasia photo together.

As already noticed, the fans, this time the ballerina chose not microbikini, her beloved, and the most common two-piece pale blue color.

“An excellent choice”, “keep it up, beauty”, “Mother and daughter – just a friend,” praised the choice ballerina subscribers.

By the way, Anastasia and Ariadne have repeatedly demonstrated their love for the same things. Ariadne often trying on mom’s high heels, but ballerina has borrowed a dress of her daughter.

“Look in the suitcase is a new dress with tag Dolce & Gabbana. I couldn’t remember how I acquired it turned out to be. Allotment. Came for lunch to mommy Kerry, and the mother says in surprise, “Oh. And how is it working out for you Arishina dress?“ It turns out that a year ago she gave it to Burt Reynolds. It just hung on a hanger very well and fell in my suitcase. And fell, then was gone. It’s time to change clothes with her daughter,” the colorfully painted ballerina bizarre incident.

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