Galina Shatalova: cause of death

Galina Shatalova: cause of death

Galina Shatalova was known in Soviet times, the academician, candidate of medical Sciences. Most of all it is known for its technique of natural healing.

As claimed by the woman, all diseases stem from unhealthy lifestyles. And confirmation of her words can serve her life since she’d lived 95 years. Cause of death Galina Shatalova – age.

In her system, a person was required to improve not only physically, but spiritually, because only a combination of psychological and physical health is a real harmony.

Galina Shatalova: cause of death

Galina Shatalova lecture

One of the basic rules of its techniques had a healthy diet. Galina herself had followed his entire life. It was of the opinion that for one meal the person should eat only one kind of product. Her diet was completely excluded meat and fish products, pastries, and sweet, fatty meals.

Also to become closer to nature, she ate seasonal vegetables and fruits. The harsh Russian winter to switch to grains and cereals.

Biography of Galina Shatalova evidence that it had attached great importance to physical exercise. The most important thing in her system was proper breathing (exercises similar to those used in yoga). All because of misplaced breath can reduce to zero all the efforts made for the morning run or the gym. Until his death, Galina showed the wonders of flexibility and mobility, was tempered in the Russian bath and easily bore the load now on the shoulder not every young person.

Galina Shatalova: cause of death

Galina Shatalova is tempered in the snow

Therefore, it is difficult to say what she died. Healthy lifestyle, exercise, calm – all this contributed to the prolongation of life.

However, Galina declared that man can live up to 120 years, which makes the number of years lived by it look not so impressive.

The final part of the methodology was the exercise aimed at maintaining emotional health. Resentment, stress and aggression is destructive not only for the brain but for the body because they consume human strength, tiring. Galina sought to achieve a sense of love for everything that surrounded her.

You can say that this has borne fruit – Galina Shatalova lived in happiness and love with her husband of 65 years. They had three children, and eldest daughter, also named Galina now continues the work of his mother, continuing to improve its system of natural healing.

In the 95 years that Galina had cardiac arrest. They typically leave the lives of older people in my sleep, quickly and painlessly. Cause of death Galina Shatalova long time in silence, probably due to the fact that she was a very famous doctor, and news of her death shocked all who adhered to her methods.

Galina Shatalova: cause of death

Galina Shatalova and her students

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