Жена Артема Тарасова, личная жизнь

Artem Tarasov became the first Soviet millionaire. His fortune he earned through the cooperatives. The first of these was in fact a Dating service, but my wife Artyom Tarasov greeted him not there.

The Agency Tarasov submitted their questionnaire people who want to find a soul mate. Then, with the help of computer data are processed, to find common ground. Recruited group gathered in one room and spent two days getting to know and communicating. Almost all of the invited find someone interesting, and this business is very quickly brought their income.

		Жена Артема Тарасова, личная жизнь

Artem Tarasov and Vera Brezhneva

In fact, it was the beginning of “House-2”. Unfortunately, Tarasov failed to promote your project on TV because of censorship. And the reputation of the Agency attracted the attention of state agencies, which quickly shut down income-generating institution. Personal life Artyom Tarasov was not arranged from the word “quite” is a talented matchmaker could not meet a woman who would have conquered his heart.

After the first idea failed, Tarasov didn’t give up. Together with a friend he began to purchase computers from abroad and selling them in his native country. In addition, they were engaged in repairing processors and specified. The novelty of computer technology many scarecrows, so the work we hired a company of professionals was the sea.

Customers soon became not only individuals, but even government agencies.

		Жена Артема Тарасова, личная жизнь

Artem Tarasov and partners

Officially Tarasov was married three times. Children of the first marriage did not bring him, and that was the reason for a quick breakup. Second wife of Artem Tarasov in 1989 gave birth to the desired son, who was named Philip. However, this Union was not durable, and after a while, the businessman left his wife. It is worth mentioning that about the personal life of Artem Tarasov in the period of the nineties is practically unknown. He did not mention the names of their first wives. On the other hand, one doesn’t want to attract unwanted attention to people who have no relation to him.

		Жена Артема Тарасова, личная жизнь

Artem Tarasov gives an interview

About the third wife we know a little bit more: her name is Elena Kashtanova, she engaged in photography. This marriage was happy, but he collapsed.

The last companion Tarasova was Elena Dmitruk, where he lived in a civil marriage after years.

Died Artyom Tarasov in 2017, and the cause of death was pneumonia. In 2010 he was diagnosed with cancer. Seek help from doctors businessman somehow not wanted and resorted to traditional methods of treatment (herbs, conspiracies).

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