Wife Anton Belov

Wife Anton Belov

Anton Belov protecting the gate SKA, for several years, happily married.

He was lucky – his wife, Anton Belov are also passionate about sports as he is, however, a few in the other direction. Since childhood she was attracted to Boxing, and in the last time, she enjoys JIU-jitsu.

Elena Belova was born in Omsk in education, she is a dermatologist. With 12 years she has been passionate about is not a girly sport. On the box it took my father, and since nicknamed Tyson for her was almost a second name.

Someone could develop a prejudice that Elena looks like a Tomboy – a kind of a guy, but it’s far from the truth. Elena always thought it was important to be ladylike, and in the first place had no purpose of any woman is family.

Wife Anton Belov

Elena Belova

In her hometown is not interested in hackem, it seems, was impossible, for sporting events watched literally everything, but this craze avoided it until the moment of acquaintance with a famous hockey player.

“He texted me and asked for my number, but I refused” – the woman remembers the beginning of their shared history.

However, the hockey player was persistent, and after a while Elena has agreed to exchange contacts. Initially she didn’t want to do this due to the fact that understood that to live with a professional athlete is difficult, because he lives traveling and long workouts. But after they became close, similar difficulties have receded into the background. And Elena was ready to follow her boyfriend to matches in other cities.

Wife Anton Belov

Elena and her husband Anton

Soon after the summer was played wedding, Anton and Helen had a daughter, named Taisiya (no prizes for guessing that in honor of the beloved boxer Elena – Tyson). And now in the stands for Belova’ve been sick for two beautiful girls.

Wife Anton Belov

Elena and Anton and their daughter Taisiya

Elena and she really inspired hockey and even created a women’s club “RedRocket”, is now 18 women. Before that, she tried to captivate the wives of other athletes, but the plan came to nothing.

Daughter Taisiya is engaged in art gymnastics, and it is likely to become a professional athlete.

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