Drunken fall of the Leps on stage was a faint

Пьяное падение Лепса на сцене оказалось обмороком

The unpleasant incident was commented by the official representative of the stars.

About falling on stage (and offstage!) foreign artists have long been legends. That dress choose too long, the dance will spin so that the feet can not resist…

The list “shooting stars” recently and joined the Russian singer Grigory Leps. The singer collapsed on level ground. After a few minutes of video of the fall has already been actively discussed in the network.

Someone artist sympathized, and evil tongues immediately gave: too much alcohol! Here is the result.

Leps to justify not. But the official representative of the singer could not resist and stood up for the idol of millions, Prestigio all his detractors.

“Very funny and ridiculous to read the accusations against the artist really stumbled on stage due to poor health that night. I would not want the whole country to teach and give medical reports about the health of Grigory Viktorovich, but to answer the lies about his alleged “drunken fall” I consider it necessary, – said the Director of the artist Maya Serikova, writes Life. On this day, the Leps turned to his doctor who urged him not to go on stage tonight. Especially as behind there were three flights per day from other concerts and events. The fact that Grisha has long observed the problems associated with the pressure, it comes with the territory and regular flights”.

Spoke and Rostov spectators. According to them, this video has no right to the concert.

– First of all, the video that this is not Rostov Gorky theatre, where he performed with Leps, – said Irina. – There is a stage much more and above. And steps to the stage side. By the way, the stage before the concert the staff of the theater was removed, so the person kept the Leps, just couldn’t stand. Secondly, I can confidently say that the singer was sober and sang live. People in altered consciousness would not be able to communicate with the public, as communicated Leps. He picked up the microphone, spit in his hands – it was part of the show. The concert Leps behaved flexing, went from one side of the stage to another, the performance was very emotional.

Came to the defense of the Leps and peers Nikolay Baskov. The actor said that walking through the network the video is not related to touring tour, and filmed at a private party in Moscow.

“And what I write, if Grisha was drunk – nonsense! He came to my dressing room before the show to ask how I was doing and how I feel – I complained that I have a headache because of the weather. Gregory said that he feels not too much, as he had that day was a violent pressure. What’s that shot about? says Nicholas. – He had not been drinking, the man was bad – happens”.

So that’s something! Not guilty?!