Well, finally! Kafelnikov began to get better

Ну наконец-то! Кафельникова начала поправляться

Today, the model published in Instagram video, which showed that heed the pleas of the fans and started to gain weight.

Perhaps none of the Russian celebrities not accused so often in anorexia, as a young model and part-time daughter of a famous tennis player Ales Kafelnikov. And there were the grounds: the photos, which she posted on her microblog, she really was too thin even by model standards. “Les eat!” begged the girl subscribers. And it looks like she finally listened to him…

Today, Les has published on his page on the video (probably to avoid being accused of photoshop like Victoria Bonia), which appeared in front of a mirror in lingerie. It is impossible not to outline, that the girl gained a few pounds and no longer looks as scary as before.

Enthusiastic response was not long in coming: “look so good now” “Now the figure is just gorgeous!”, “Now just perfect, seriously!”, “Recovered well”.

Ну наконец-то! Кафельникова начала поправлятьсяSeptember 2016
November 2016

And one of the users asked how old the girl weighs now. She said 50 pounds. Despite the fact that the growth of Kafelnikov is 175 cm. Take a known formula and calculate its optimal weight is 75 kilograms. That is, for ideal, she needs to gain another 25 pounds!

By the way, here’s what Les said about your diet in one of the shows:

“I’m really limiting yourself in food, try to eat healthy – meat, fish, I eat the whole thing. I limit myself to only fast food and carbohydrates, such as pasta, pizza, because I don’t like and consider it harmful”.

I hope one of the next posts Les will share the secrets of their “opposite diet” and talk about how manages to gain weight using healthy ingredients.