Lady Gaga fell ill with the lupus that killed her aunt

Леди Гага слегла с волчанкой, от которой умерла ее тетя

“Mother of monsters” written a touching letter to fans from the hospital.

The lover of thorns and sandals on the platform was seriously scared fans. The star posted a picture from the hospital room. In the photo on the shoulder of the singer – the doctor’s hand.

“Today I’m having a rough day due to chronic pain, but I am truly grateful that I help the beautiful female doctors. I’m thinking about Joan, about how strong she was and start to feel better.”

Only here because of the mention of Joan’s fans just was not turned gray. After all, as we remember, was the name of the aunt of the singer, who died of lupus. Surely Gaga overcomes the same ailment?

As it turned out, Yes! The pop diva has once again confirmed that sick lupus erythematosus is a serious autoimmune disease in which antibodies damage the DNA of healthy cells and primarily connective tissue.

Recognition star provoked a strong response from her fans who wrote her words of encouragement and shared their experiences of dealing with chronic pain.

“I was so overwhelmed by the participation, recognition and personal stories about chronic pain, he thought: “Damn, maybe I should share my 5 years experience of dealing with this problem?” We all have our time, and, of course, the first thing you need to consult a doctor. However, I can give some advice – touched Gaga gave a long post. — When my body starts strong contractions, helps me infrared sauna. You can always look for the closest area with an infrared sauna or a center that deals with homeopathy in your area. I combine this method with using silver “quilt Essentials” – it is cheap, reusable and, in addition, help detox the body to get rid of extra pounds!

So as not to overheat and do not cause inflammation, I then always take a very cold bath or an ice bath, or put the frozen food from the fridge to the sore spot. Hope this helps some of you!”

However, Gaga really should listen. It’s already the day after the confessions, she shone at the American Music Awards. Backstage she congratulated her younger sister – Selena Gomez, was recognized as this year’s best performer in the genre of rock/pop. Selena, by the way, like Gaga, is suffering from lupus. And only recently was discharged from the hospital, where he passed a two-month course of treatment.