Развод Деппа: сколько денег получит экс-жена

Johnny for the first time commented on his divorce, however, he did this not personally, but through his official representative.

“Given the short duration of the marriage, and also the recent tragic loss of his mother, johnny will not respond to any stories, rumors, misinformation and lies about his private life, – reads the statement of the representative of the press. – I hope, this dissolution of a short marriage also will happen in a short time”.

Marriage is the main pirates of the Caribbean with actress amber heard really was fleeting – just 15 months, and, according to friends of the actress, she expressed doubts about the correctness of his decision to marry the man, her senior by 22 years, even during the engagement party. Doubts were unfounded – for divorce, amber filed after several months of disputes and quarrels with spouse, and did it quite the wrong time – three days later, after my husband’s mother died. But, apparently, to endure longer had the strength – his 30th birthday in April this year, amber was said already without johnny.

For now, it will take for lawyers. The couple never signed a prenup, so a substantial share of the property johnny and amber will not claim to be able. However, some payments under U.S. law, it still put – actress may demand that part from the joint income received during the marriage with Depp. And earned the actor over the 15 months a lot: johnny starred in two movies, “Mortdecai” and “Black mass”, which earned each about $ 20 million in royalties.

Submitting an application for a divorce lawyer amber was already required to make a point about spousal support, but Depp’s lawyer told the judge about the illegality of such a requirement. The question now is, are Depp to prolonged litigation, which will make his personal life a subject of considerable press attention, or prefer to keep this fast by paying a certain amount.

“It could be 200 thousand dollars a year for 5 or 10 years, told People magazine lawyer Raoul Felder, defending in court the interests of celebrities. – If johnny decides to put up a million dollars to get rid of it, it will be a great deal.”

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