Скидки на арматуру от компании «МеталлСтройКомплект»

Quality building materials is one of the most important conditions in the construction and repair construction projects. In particular, it relates to fittings used in the construction and repair.

Company Of offers customers fittings of class A3 at a nice special price. This offer is valid for rebars with a diameter of 10, 12 and 16 mm.

Thanks to the offer Of such products of the class A3 has now become more affordable. In particular, customers can purchase:

  • Rebar diameter of 16 mm and a length of 5.85 m at a price of 22 500 rubles per ton.
  • Rebar with a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 11.7 m at a price of 25 390 roubles per tonne.
  • Rebar with a diameter of 12 mm random lengths at a price of 22 500 rubles per ton.
  • Rebar diameter 10 mm random lengths at a price of 23 000 rubles per ton.
  • Rebar with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 11.7 m at a price of 26 000 rubles per ton.

This product is a popular commodity that is widely used in the construction of residential, public and industrial purposes. Its distinctive feature is the presence on the surface of the two longitudinal ribs and many transverse, which are repeated every few millimeters. This makes it possible to achieve the strongest possible adhesion between the reinforcement and the concrete, which guarantees the reliability and safety of the structure. The minimum diameter of this product is 6 mm, while its maximum diameter is 80 mm. is Popular among buyers is the fittings size 32 mm.

Company Of has been active in the domestic market of metal rolling more than 10 years. It can safely be called one of the leaders in this area. Cooperation with the company allows you to purchase branded high quality products at an affordable price. Skilled professionals are not only able to help with advice in choosing products and placing orders, including any of its volume, but also to carry out:

  • Cutting of metal-roll in size.
  • Unwinding of rebar or wire rod.

Regular replenishment of the machine Park enables customers to give preference to cutting with the use of gas, guillotines circular saws or shearing press. Regardless of the complexity of the order for its equipment professionals will only need one day.

To contact representatives of the company to clarify the terms of the promo action:

  • The phone number +7 (812) 957-15-83.
  • Email [email protected].
  • Personally visiting the office located at: St. Petersburg, Mytninskaya St., 2.

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