Распродажа блок-контейнеров БК-01

Block-containers — optimal solution for installation on rural construction projects and repair, which are far from human settlements. A good solution to the layout and comfortable design will make this purchase optimal solution.

Company “Consol” is organizing the sale of stock metal of the block-container BK-01. Designs can be purchased at a reduced price — 42 thousand rubles, including VAT.

Special offer of the company “Consol” covers seventeen containers with fiberboard trim. Their main purpose is setting in the suburban areas, construction sites, in zones of repair for a certain time.

The model of the block-container consists of a single compartment having located the friend opposite to the friend window and door. The result of this plan is the uniformity of the admission of sunlight and fresh air. As for the length of the structure, it is determined by the buyer and ranges from six to twelve feet. Today, this model applies to most mobile and comfortable design of small size, are widespread. Competitive advantages of development provided by:

  • A long operating period, up to several decades.
  • A sufficient level of insulation. It is comfortable to be at a temperature as low as -45 degrees Celsius. As an insulating material, usually used mineral wool.
  • Possibility to install a heat radiator.
  • Double glazed Windows.
  • Doors made of hardboard, characterized by high strength.
  • The ability to set the bathroom, to bring the Sewerage system using plastic pipes.
  • Parogidroizolyatsii.
  • The ability to perform electrical wiring.

Traditionally, the models give preference to a construction company. It is characterized by ease of Assembly, transport and disassembly, which makes it the optimal solution for professional builders.

Company “Consol” for a long time engaged in the implementation of containers and provides container hire containers of various sizes, prefabricated metal structures for houses, warehouses and temporary office space. To see the range and scope of services on the official website http://consolcontainers.ru/.

Details special offers can be:

  • By phone +7(812) 740-10-97.
  • Email [email protected].
  • Visiting their office, located at Kamennoostrovsky PR., d. 40, section 3-A.

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