Где выгоднее покупать жилье на вторичном рынке Санкт-Петербурга

In June 2016, the analysts summed up, and it turned out that the criterion of the low purchases correspond to three-bedroom apartments in the buildings of the “old panel”. To spend will have to purchase a one-room living space in residential buildings of the old Fund with capital repairs.

At the conclusion of the transaction risk for the buyer lies in its carelessness or negligence — the number of buyers who do not check documents of the seller for legal clarity, is still large. Realtors fixed cases when the dwelling is sold through fraudulent schemes, which the court may void the contract.

Где выгоднее покупать жилье на вторичном рынке Санкт-Петербурга
Check the transparency of the transaction to prevent fraud

The second danger is to be hoped that the agent of the seller will tell you something and you obscure legal aspects. The agent acts solely in the interests of the customer, who pays him for the work. On all issues he stands for the best conditions for the customer and your Commission percentage. So after buying can uncover the fact housing defects or “wrap” market value. These moments should be checked in advance.

Price range for housing in the context of the city

Comparing apartments in SPb (secondary market), which catalogued the real estate portal naydidom.com, it can be noted that the average cost of an apartment ― 103.8 thousand rubles per sq. m If to consider price in the context of the city:

  • Nevsky and Krasnogvardeisky districts have taken a leading position on the budgetary cost of housing (up to 85 thousand rubles per sq m) and the Krasnosel’skii is also a budget apartment in the city. Sellers offer 23,4 % from all sales of secondary apartments in St. Petersburg.
  • The “mass” segment of the secondary housing at a cost 85-125 thousand rubles per sq. m offered in Vasileostrovsky, Vyborgsky, Moskovsky and Admiralteisky districts.
  • 14.8% of the volume of supply is expensive lots of worth more than 125 thousand rubles per sq m. They are situated in Central and Petrogradsky districts. In recent on sale the most expensive of the Petersburg apartment, which is located at Kamennoostrovsky prospect in the monolithic-brick house.

What is happening in the real estate market by the end of June 2016

Analysts capture two trends: housing began to buy in installments and increased by one third the number of applications for mortgage credit. Realtors predict a rise of the mortgage loans by the end of this year.

Among the borrowers from March 2016 increased interest in finished housing

In the second quarter, Russian banks have decided to lower mortgage rates when purchasing real estate in the secondary market. In April, 8 of the 15 banks began to improve the conditions of these loans, reports the edition “the Bulletin of real Estate”. Rate loans in these banks are 13-14,5% per annum, but the mortgage insurance along with the life of the borrower.

Earlier Gennady Sternik, managing partner, OOO Starnix Consulting, predicted that the collapse of prices is not worth waiting. The market recovery after the long-running crisis will come not earlier than in 3 years.

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