Dima Bilan again shocked the thinness

Дима Билан снова шокировал худобой

Fans of the singer are seriously concerned about his health.

Dima Bilan – active user of Instagram and is willing to share with the fans with fragments of their performances. Especially touching and funny. Once the video appeared on his page today.

During a recent concert, when he sang the song “I just love you”, the scene was spicy moment. Podowski bottom air tossed the t-shirt of the artist and showed his press audience, perfect, what can I say.

— Putu-he-Poo – signed movie Dima, quoting a line from a famous song of Marilyn Monroe. And having thereby a parallel with the iconic scene of the film “seven year Itch”.

Subscribers this focus came as a delight. However, they did not understand, was it improvisation or the artist specifically decided to stump the audience.

But that’s not it. For all the beauty of the scene fans Bilan could not fail to note that he looks too skinny. “Dima, start to eat, please!”, “And I want to feed homemade pelmeni. And borsch”, “Revised “Children’s voice”, where Dima looks better than it is now. It is very dried up,” the worried members.

Дима Билан снова шокировал худобой

Recall that in a recent interview with Wday Dmitry explained what caused the weight loss. As it turned out, in Jan he had severe gastritis.

— I didn’t mean to all the freshman, confessed Bilan. — Now I shall know what to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. In the morning I cook porridge: rice, oatmeal, semolina. Himself able, and very good at it. And you know, I like to be thin. This ease is felt, back the forgotten flexibility. So I will support it.

I hope that fans will still convince Dima that excessive leanness can’t be beautiful. After all, if Marilyn Monroe was anorexic, what would the scene on the ventilation grille? It is terrible to imagine…

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Video published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) Oct 11 2016 at 2:58 PDT