Zadornov reiterated that he had cancer

Задорнов подтвердил, что у него рак

The satirist is preparing soon to undergo chemotherapy

Last week it became known that the popular Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov seriously ill. He told about it himself in his Instagram, however, the diagnosis of comedian left in secret. But fans and media began to ascribe to the artist the most terrible disease. Then Zadornov was forced to tell the truth about his illness.

“I want to add a comment to the comments of the last post. Many of these touching, which of course adds energy for healing – thank you! But there is in Newspapers and other Internet resources the stupidity of, for example, that Zadornov incurable cancer of the lungs, and a link to some supposedly credible newspaper. First, teach: reliable Newspapers in our time does not happen. Secondly, this is absolutely not true,” he assured subscribers.

Michael did not specify where in his body was afflicted with cancer, but admitted that the doctors had appointed him the first course of chemotherapy. Happy optimism of the artist in such a difficult time for him, he sincerely believes that he can overcome the disease and return to the stage.

“I do think that things are not as hopeless as it sometimes seems. In any case, ought to resist. Yes, the treatment is a tough and long – recognized Zadornov. And because many concerts are canceled. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on all sorts of side hustle”.

Zadornov encouraged by the fact that Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who is struggling with brain cancer, was not discouraged and believes in the victory.

“There’s some Hvorostovsky done! Does everything right. The doctors I have quite decent and from a professional point of view, and man,” he said.