Lena Lenin complained that stout

Лена Ленина пожаловалась, что располнела

But it is going to lose weight and even revealed the secret diet.

We are accustomed to, the members of stars are actively discussing their physical form: someone better, someone, on the contrary, lost to ugliness. But to a celebrity, she admitted that gained extra pounds, is a rarity. However, the TV presenter Lena Lenina did not hesitate.

Yesterday, Lena posted in her Instagram photo in the company of the singer Larisa Dolina. And made this signature:

Dinner in a Georgian restaurant with great Larisa Alexandrovna Valley, the new head of the Department of pop-jazz singing culture Institute! Love her and so happy to know her outside of the cameras! She is very generous and generosity of people! Invited her to his in my new bath in Marseille on the Kaluga road. Although Larisochka more respects hammam.

“Marseille” – a village where Lena recently bought a house for mom. Bath, made of solid logs of larch, was his biggest pride. And, as Lenin said, in the near future she is going to lose weight.

— Larisochka A. Valley not only, as always, stylish, marvelous and trendy, but is in great shape! — signed Lenin’s one more picture. — I recovered. Sit on her favorite kefir diet now for three days. Yogurt plus a new bath every day. Hide in Marseille in Kaluga and in the three days of the diet shudo.

Well, let’s wait for the results of the diet, which Lenin surely want to brag on Instagram.