Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

A few years ago, the plaster in our country was used only for levelling of walls and ceilings, getting them ready for the upcoming facing. But there was not universal — for example, already many centuries ago in Greece multi-colored plaster has adopted for cladding of wall surfaces in residential and public buildings. Now in our country became popular to apply plaster in the role of the final decor is getting a very stylish finish. Decorative plaster in the interior — it playback numerous decorative fantasies, artificial aging, adding both historical and ethnic influences (textured plaster used in the decoration of rooms in a Moroccan style , and so on).

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  • How to choose decorative plaster for interior
  • On the basis of the binding element
  • Kinds of building material in connection with the dimensions of the filler
  • Options for the interior plaster
  • “The beetle”
  • Venetian textured plaster
  • The Marseilles wax
  • How to choose decorative plaster for interior

    There are a number of types of decorative plaster for interior. They are classified by various indicators: the filler, the method of applying the binder element.

    Filler often stands a stone crumb, and in addition, synthetic particles or cellulose, nylon fiber. Of course, the most popular plaster with stone chippings as a filler.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Selection of decorative plaster on the basis of the binding element

    Mineral plaster. The role of foundations playing lime or cement. A similar plaster is used everywhere. It is simply diluted with water.

    Mineral decorative plaster has several drawbacks. If wall constructions exposed to dynamic impacts, like plaster cracks quickly. Consequently, I do not advise to apply it in buildings that are in the area of railway lines, major highways, etc. sometimes the Cracks are formed and residential apartments in the new buildings.

    The main advantage of mineral plaster is a very small cost.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Silicate plaster. This decorative plaster is the most robust and reliable. But even she hardly sees the dynamic effects. The function basis in a similar type of decorative plaster performs liquid glass. The main advantage of lime plaster is concluded that it is not actually Mara (surface repels dust and dirt).

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Acrylic plaster. This type of plaster is most multipurpose. Acrylic decorative plaster Can be used for lining external and internal walls. Here, as the base acts as a water dispersion.

    Acrylic stucco most appropriate for use in rooms with high humidity and in areas with big temperature rise. This flooring is tolerate wet cleaning. In General, acrylic stucco will be the most beneficial option.

    It is also necessary to take into account that acrylic plaster dries much faster, which speeds up the repair process. In addition, acrylic decorative plaster is not as sensitive to surface preparation.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Silicone plaster. Base — binding polymers. This is the most expensive type of decorative plaster. This plaster is very convenient to apply — it is maximally elastic. Even without the skills of the plasterer, it’s easy to work with her. Walls are finished simply wash.

    Pick up the plaster should given its price, the characteristics of the repaired surface and the properties of the room, etc., acrylic plaster is better suited than mineral or silicate, for cladding wall surfaces in the kitchen, which was dominated by the moist atmosphere, and temperature fluctuations.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Types of decorative plaster in connection with the dimensions of the filler

    You must take into account that the more filler granules of plaster, the most profound the relief is formed. Large granule textured plaster – it is actually its filler, which treated the wall gets a beautiful texture. Choosing decorative plaster, take into account not only a cohesive framework, but also the size of granules.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    The smallest necessary amount of any decorative plaster always due to how strong you want to create texture. The more noticeable relief, the greater the amount of plaster you will need. It is also necessary to take into account, in particular, if You are low on money.

    Recommendation. Than more spacious room, whose walls must be clad with stucco, the most big you can take the filler granules. Deep relief will be seen from afar. And, on the contrary, for a small room to rent preferably textured plaster with small grains of the filler.

    Options textured plaster for interiors

    Textured topography formed by using different techniques: spraying, coats and other. After curing, the plaster color. This relates to another advantage of the use of such material. Tone you can select any based on your taste and desired design.

    On wall surface using various spatula applied plaster, and then ask her the desired relief. Number of varieties of relief depends on your imagination and skill.

    The final coating is applied after curing with a brush, sponge or soft cushion. The role of this coating is able to play the wax, allowing it to achieve a vintage result and protects the material from external factors during use. The finish coating can be used and coating materials.

    Next, we will describe the most popular and original ways of decorating the walls using plaster.

    Decorative plaster “bark Beetle” for the interior

    This is the most famous at the moment, textured plaster for the interior. Wall surface, decorative plaster bark Beetle, is associated with the wood eaten by worm.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    But here we need to clarify: the wall begin to resemble wood, covered with bark, if the technology of plastering is made correctly! To form the required structure, it is important to strictly follow the technology of plastering. If You will attract party masters on the job, be sure to check with them technology.

    Decorative plaster “bark Beetle” is well suited for both interiors and exteriors. Not bright, the uneven surface allows you to make a room cozy and peaceful.

    The decorative plaster bark Beetle binder can be various, but the filler is usually marble chips. Actually this filler in plaster and forms those famous grooves. Naturally, the higher the grit, the larger the grooves, and accordingly, they are more explicit.

    As we mentioned earlier, the larger the room, the more you can pick up a filler. On the contrary – for a small room is preferable to take the plaster with a smaller fraction of chips.

    The dimensions of the granules of decorative plaster “bark Beetle” ranging from 0.1 to 3.5 millimeters. For wall decor in the interior as well as possible will approach the plaster with a particle size of 2-2. 5 mm. The grooves are formed and not very large, and perfectly visible.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    How is the texture “Bark”? On well prepared smooth and treated soil surface with a spatula spread the plaster in the form of a paste-like substance. Plaster is levelled on the wall and a little dries, about 15-25 minutes.

    Then you need to start decorating. Almost any motion, straight or circular, both horizontal and vertical need to grind the same spatula slightly dried material. Thus, the texture of the surface on which the grooves are formed.

    At the end of the time allotted for drying, decorative plaster “bark Beetle” (specify in instructions) advise the surface be painted a tinted composition for the protection and extension of period of operation.

    Decorative Venetian plaster

    This type of decoration spread from the ancient ages, but the greatest popularity he had acquired in Venice during the Renaissance. The material in that era were made from marble, which had excellent moisture resistance. This plaster was then decorated the rooms with a damp environment. At the moment the plaster is almost not changed.

    The main material of this filler – crumb, which is produced from noble breeds of a natural stone.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    The finish version of the ornament on the wall surface due to the size of crumbs. The material on the basis of the large fraction is associated with hewn boulders, and a small crumb gives a neat and elegant ornament. In General, Venetian plaster gives you the opportunity to do an imitation of natural stone, in other words, to create a chic and visually “rich” interior.

    The function of a linking element in the manufacture of Venetian plaster is lime more often, which introduce synthetic or natural colors, and in addition filler. All the elements of the plaster mix to the desired thickness, that is, before the formation of viscous mass. Putting plaster on a wall structure refers to is not the easiest procedure, because of this she is a specialist in a few steps.

    The application of Venetian plaster. For starters wall surface line and ground. Then, after a final drying of the primer, overlaps the initial layer of plaster. After a while, dry it, apply the following layers of plaster of a different color. At the finish applied to the wax surface of multiple layers.

    Plaster is quite often applied in 2-3 different but related to the color layer (blue color combined with turquoise and lilac, and yellow with carrot and orange, etc.). The most pale is the basis. It is followed by NGO superimposed saturated smears of a darker hue. Then a new “mixed” layer.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    So, layers of pale and deep Shine combined with each other, and eventually formed a beautiful ornament, and is associated with marble pattern. But just as inimitable and the walls lined with plaster single tone – there is created the focusing on texture.

    In total on the wall it is possible to stack up to ten layers of plaster. Of course each successive layer of material is applied after full drying of the bottom. The qualitative application of wall facing material will acquire an inimitable effect. At the finish of the surface is carefully polished. As a result, it becomes shiny – like natural stone.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Tip: always take into account that any expert in the application of Venetian plaster has its own unique style. First, look at the examples of his creations.

    The application of Venetian plaster video:


    The Marseilles wax

    The material used to simulate natural stone, tree bark, cork with texture plane, followed by processing with high-gloss paint. This type of plaster has high strength and can be used in buildings with a maximum permeability.

    This decorative plaster fits perfectly into the interior of Provence style.

    As a filler this decor stands do not rock dust, and nylon fiber. Consequently, the surface topography is original: it is as if loose.

    Декоративная штукатурка для интерьера: Виды

    Many masters say that this type of plaster does not need to most smooth wall surfaces. But the walls still need to prepare is to generate some alignment and primer.

    Saturation palette of this coating is acquired by processing the surface of the tinted wax. This is the final finish. But first plastered wall construction. The base layer is created using a spatula smear plate. Together with this layer receives the desired texture, losing the smoothness. Then the plaster is coloured using wax, which is applied with a sponge in circular strokes to clean the surface manually.

    Then the resulting surface is sanded and re-waxed Kohler. By the way, this time you can use other shade — this gives the wall the final result is a beautiful contrast.

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