Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

Ethnic styles are not always able to settle down in the interiors of other States. But fans of exotic destinations still do not need to stop yourself: you just need to find eclectic international direction. Offer you to pay attention to the Moroccan style.
This style is good because it is fairly simple for the designer, I can mix textured materials and vibrant colors.

Moroccan style traditional format includes a combination of Arab, Mediterranean and African motifs. The interior in the Moroccan style has absorbed all the most impulsive and best from each crop.

Most of all it is suitable for those who want unusual solutions for interior, because it is colorful, but not flashy, diverse, but not tiring.

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  • The Moroccan style. Color
  • Interior design in Moroccan style. Finish
  • The furniture in Moroccan style
  • The interior in the Moroccan style. Accessories, textile
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    The Moroccan style. Color

    Moroccan style can be adapted to the Russian reality in fact, the main thing you need to consider that this style is supposed to be in a concentrated form.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    In the interior of this style is dominated by colors typical of the General African destinations, in other words the natural color of the southern continent: shady jungle, the scorching sun, deserts, fires on a hot night. This terracotta, orange, beige, swamp green, brown, red, etc.

    But besides this, these interiors use color, characteristic Arabic: scarlet, gold, dark purple, pink-orange, Royal blue, fuchsia, Burgundy and others.

    Local colour, climate and the landscape is constantly reflected in the decoration of the premises. Therefore, reproducing Moroccan style in the interior, be sure to use all possible shades of “earth colors” — brown, ochre, umber, bronze.

    Natural tones ideal as a background for bright accents of purple, red, blue, fuchsia and different shades of green.
    If you look closely at the image of Moroccan interiors, you can pay attention to the skilful ability of southern designers to combine cold and warm colors.

    In Moroccan style, some bright colors, and often have a more symbolic value. For example, red – love (represents the colour of fire) that is used even for the design of the flag of Morocco

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Moroccan style in the bedroom interior

    Interior design in Moroccan style. Finish

    Due to climatic features, 2марокканских interior stone floors are often used. Since Stone cold, the hot nights and sultry days the coolness of the floor will increase comfort.

    If you detest the cool stone floor, it will be possible to choose laminate imitating wood or tile. In the Moroccan areas floors made of wood are also not uncommon: often it is parquet floor and rough Board. But for most cases, it will come down laminate.

    Although the best option for the floor in Moroccan style is of course the granite a warm color (beige, terracotta, brown). The dimensions of the tiles can be different: small (mosaic), medium, and large.

    Apply decorative and mosaic tiles that create a unique floor pattern.

    For bedrooms and living rooms traditionally put on the floor carpets.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    In the halls and the living room walls are often plastered. In Morocco most often for the walls was used decorative textured plaster — tadelakt, after which, the walls resemble marble. Plaster is also normal. For this case, the plastered walls are painted in white or coloured paint.

    For areas with wet climate and halls walls decorated with beautiful mosaics, which put Moroccan ornament.

    In Moroccan tiles (look glazed tiles decorated with Oriental patterns) there is also the name of Selig (Zellije).

    For rooms of Moroccan homes ceilings are usually quite high. They decorate one of the most frequently used colors. Following the tradition for public buildings, the ceiling is made of blue or blue – it will symbolize the sky. On the border of wall and ceiling decorate the border with a view of the Lacy fretwork, murals or mosaics.

    For the poor Moroccan interiors across the support beams were placed on the twigs and branches. Usually they were coated with lime mortar, and sometimes left entirely without treatment. Such ceilings and in modern time only in order to make housing in the ethnic spirit.

    In wealthy homes, ceilings can be made of wood – painted Moroccan pattern or carved. Such work is very difficult and quite expensive, but the result is impressive.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Moroccan style in the interior kitchen

    Here are a few of the distinctive features of the Moroccan interior.

    Primarily, this numerous wall niches, in which are inserted candelabra with candles or lamps, and paintings, books and other decorative items.

    Some of niches can be decorated with patterned wrought iron.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Doorways are often made in the shape of Lancet arches, and doors decorated with stained glass Windows, ornaments and carvings.

    Window openings from the inside can be decorated wrought iron railings and carved wooden shutters.

    The interior in the Moroccan style has almost no right angles. A favorite shape of the room is very similar to a keyhole.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    The furniture in Moroccan style

    The furniture is chosen mainly from wood, decorated with gilding, inlay, carving.

    Wooden furniture is often a rich, dark colour (reddish-brown or dark brown). Much less frequently used furniture a light color (ivory). By the way ogive shape is typical not only for the subjects of architecture, but also for items of furniture.

    Moroccan interior is inseparable from patterned wrought – benches and stools, and tables, etc.

    Upholstered furniture is not too bulky. Upholstery is diverse: solid bright, solid neutral or with ornament. On the sofa is almost always plenty of fluffy pillows adorned with tassels and embroidery. Cushion covers are chosen silk or plush.

    Under the TV in the room, ideal low elongated dresser. While traditional tables, cabinets, dressers not rarely replace chests made of wood with carvings and paintings.

    In the bedroom such direction form the head of the bed also usually Lancet. On the edges instead of bedside tables you can also set chests.

    The interiors in the Moroccan style covers of dressers and cabinets and countertops without the high tables of wood often decorated with colorful mosaics. If you want to create Moroccan style in the modern interior of a city apartment, at the same time it is possible to update old furniture, giving it the Arab-African chic. It will be enough to decorate pieces of furniture by covering them if necessary, varnish or stain, otdelov cover mosaics and replacing fittings. The end areas of the cover or table tops can be pasted via the skin or the lace pattern, and decorate the corners of the brushes.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    The interior in the Moroccan style. Accessories, textile

    Moroccan interiors are always a lot of textiles. Huge amount of outdoor cushions and pillows, cushions. Ceilings and walls can also be draped with cloth to simulate Arabic tent. The room, the ceiling of which is made in the form of a tent with tense in some circles textiles, will look at least strange.

    On the walls and floors feature carpets hand embroidery.

    Windows in Moroccan interiors are decorated with luxurious curtains, which immediately attracts the attention.

    Decor items made of bronze or hammered silver will add to the premises additional texture, and in the evening lit candles will flicker in unusual candlesticks, decorated in the form of lanterns. But I don’t want to get involved with bright sparkling accessories and the room will turn into the dwelling of the Sheikh. With lamps of metal will go well the furniture is finished with mother of pearl.

    When you create an interior in Moroccan style, you will also need the ability to combine different textiles — leather pouffes, handmade carpets, Drapes.

    Интерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Here are the main features characterizing Moroccan style in the interior as not normal, looks like an Oriental tale and attracting.

    Moroccan style in the interior photo

    The images are clickable:

    Интерьер  в марокканском стилеИнтерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Интерьер  в марокканском стилеИнтерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Интерьер  в марокканском стилеИнтерьер  в марокканском стиле

    Интерьер  в марокканском стилеИнтерьер  в марокканском стиле


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