Decorate your Windows for the New year with their hands

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

New year’s eve celebrations very accurately gives us of himself flashing lights of different lights and beautiful winter compositions in the Windows of supermarkets. In the Windows of the apartments, you notice a carved snowflake made from paper, Christmas balls and sparkling Christmas “rains”. In December it is time to think about decorating the Windows for the New year, since the procedure itself of transforming the apartment interior into a Christmas miracle fills you with emotions of all family members.

How to decorate Windows for the New year?

The most common theme in the decoration of Windows for the New year is, of course, paper snowflakes. With their help it is possible not only to transform themselves window glass, but also to make original curtains, fixing cut from light cardboard jewelry located perpendicular to the ribbons or cords.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

Want something custom? Create a Christmas wreath in silver and turquoise tones. This requires scissors to cut out a ring from construction paper and decorate it from all sides of various sizes and shapes of snowflakes.

Win-win situation effortlessly — this new year’s decoration of Windows using the standard “winter” decorations. Decorate them with stars from the “expensive” foil, suspended by cords, and we can safely celebrate the New year.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

People who loves Christmas decorations, will not be difficult to buy the necessary decorations in supermarkets, selling Christmas tinsel. However, it is more tolerable to do similar with their hands, using natural material or “winter” fruit. Out of twigs, decorated with pine branches and fruits of mountain ash, you can make an inimitable Christmas decorations, which will surely play a role in the Christmas design of your apartment.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

In the list of other methods of window decor trends “vintage“stencils out of cardboard with the shape of different animals and elements styling with Christmas: reindeer, snowmen, pine cones, and even these scenes from a classic winter games. All this you can draw on plain white paper with pencil, cut out and then pasted on window glass, using a soapy solution.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

Classic window decoration for new year holidays apply different garlands: out of colored paper, natural and decorative pine needles, bells, and bright tinsel. Here you may rely only on your imagination, available auxiliary materials and ornaments did not fit on the main decorative elements — tree.

Incredibly nice look window openings, decorated with Christmas balls, in combination with garlands and fir branches. They can be attached directly on the ledge, or you can create a festive decoration in a frame.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

Vintage frame from a painting or poster will be found in almost every apartment. You only need to paint it in any rich shade, pin in the middle is a beautiful lace and hang it on various Christmas decorations.

In addition to curtains, rails for curtains and glass Windows that can be decorated, we have a window sill. Safe to say that candles in Christmas decorating the apartment does not play a secondary role, and then they were given the most favorable area.

Candles can be used as a bright accent in the Christmas decorations, and in addition in the role of a self-sufficient jewelry in the case, for example, in the kitchen.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

There are many options of decorative Windows for the New year, and selection of the right direction will depend on your imagination and personal preferences and the dimensions of the window sill.

Small Christmas trees and coniferous branches well into the design of the Windows of the room and in the lobby of a personal home or a child’s bedroom.

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

Even a very classic element of Christmas decoration is able to look original, if you add a little imagination. In a very simple and common things hidden and unexpected ideas for creative designers, for example, was an ordinary ladder – and suddenly turned into a festive Christmas tree. Unusual, interesting and impressive!

Children, more than adults are waiting for this magical holiday, anticipating unusual gifts and Christmas miracles.

Winter Wonderland on the windowsill in the nursery – isn’t it a miracle? Or funny gnomes located on the window of your child and causing solemn mood only by its appearance?

Украшаем окна к Новому году своими руками

In December, the preparation for the celebration is already at its peak, and now is the time to start decorating the Windows for the New year. Create, invent — imagine yourself a professional designer, and in your festive window be sure to stop family happiness and joy. Happy New year and merry Christmas!

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