Компания «Коттедж-Эксперт»: современная отделка коттеджа

Capital company “Cottage-Expert” for more than 15 years successfully provides a wide range of services on repair, installation and finishing works of residential and non-residential buildings and design landscape design in Moscow and the Moscow region. Occupying a leading position among the other companies, “Cottage-Expert” is the parity of reasonable price and high quality.

A large staff of specialists allows to realize any, the most courageous design and architectural decisions. Modern equipment and rich instrumentation give the opportunity to work for the masters of even better.

The main advantages ofwhich are profitable shade “Cottage-Expert” from the rest of the construction-repair organizations:

  • measurements, calculations and cost estimates are free
  • the stability of the prices of materials and work, which is spelled out in the estimate (regardless of the situation on the economic market)
  • great discounts
  • the company operates without prepayment (pay-as-executed construction phase)
  • before signing the contract, the specialist company will make the customer presentation of the projects both finished and in stage of manufacturing
  • only high quality materials (all suppliers of building materials certified)

Company “Cottage-Expert” provides such services as:

Design project, layout of the premises, the calculation of the estimate

The company’s specialists will develop individual design of cottage will make a proper layout of rooms and offer a lot of options on how to make the house comfortable. Engineer computer design will help you to see your future home inside and out.

The cost of future work may be for you to calculate our experts, or you can do it yourself using the calculator to calculate the estimate.

Installation of utilities and plumbing

  • electrical work
  • installation of plumbing, wiring pipes
  • warm floor
  • installing and fixing heating systems, fireplaces
  • the installation of the sewage system
  • layout of water supply
  • system “smart house”

Interior decorations

A wide range of roughing and finishing works on interior design, and carved wooden staircases, forged metal products and design objects made of natural stone will not leave you indifferent.

Компания «Коттедж-Эксперт»: современная отделка коттеджа

The floor, covered with granite and marble, granite, ceramic tile, laminate, parquet or carpet will serve you for years to come.

Walls with decorative plaster, frescoes, arches, moldings, decorative paint, or warm wood brings warmth and comfort to your home.

The stretch or multi-level ceilings with lighting, decorative cornices, designs of plaster, polyurethane will add visual volume and extravagance of the room.

The outer design of the room

  • the facade of the house
  • lining the walls and plinth of natural and artificial materials
  • the design of the Windows, doors, roofs (metal art, railings, canopies, decor elements)

Компания «Коттедж-Эксперт»: современная отделка коттеджа

Landscape design

  • installation of enclosing constructions
  • the construction of commercial, accessory buildings and areas for recreation
  • planting trees, bushes, making flower beds and Alpine gardens
  • decorative ponds, pools, streams
  • equipment for registration area (statues, figures, lights, etc.)

Turn-key home — trust the professionals, saving time and nerves.

Company “Cottage-Expert” — we qualitatively carry out any whim of the client!

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Phone: +7 495 532-89-22
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