Как сшить детское одеяло своими руками

Every mother wants to surround your baby with warmth and care. A great way to show your feelings is to do something for the baby with their hands. In this article we will explain how to make a bright baby quilt that will not only warm the baby, but also entertained.

Как сшить детское одеяло своими руками

Materials and tools:

  • three fabrics
  • batting
  • colored tape
  • sewing machine

How to sew a baby blanket

Decide on the size of blankets. In our case it is 80×100 cm

Cut the fabric batting the same size. Prepare colored fabric.

Lay on the table a single sheet of tissue.

Cut the colored ribbons into small segments.

Pin folded in half the ribbon to the edge of the fabric so that the loops are facing down.

On top of the fabric, lay the second piece of fabric, right sides inside. Cleave them together. Prostrochite the edge on the sewing machine.

Как сшить детское одеяло своими руками

Expand the top fabric. On it lay a third kind of fabric is face down. Prostrochite the edge.

Over the resulting colored blanks put the batting fabric. Stitch the perimeter, leaving a small gap on one of the edges.

If needed, trim the excess fabric.

Turn the blanket right side out.

Now your little one warm, and loops of colored ribbons will entertain and help you sleep.

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