Restoration of Kraka with their hands

Реставрация красла своими руками

Surely, everyone in the country or in the garage there’s an old chair or sofa. Furniture is a pity to throw, but in the modern interior it doesn’t fit. But it is necessary to replace the upholstery and repaint the wooden parts, and the old chair will have a second life that will serve you for more than one year. In this article we will explain how to redo an old chair own hands.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Materials and tools for restoration of furniture with his own hands:

  • spiriutal or blade
  • ruler and scissors
  • pins
  • upholstery fabric suitable color
  • Velcro fastener (optional)
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • furniture or construction stapler
  • sander or sandpaper
  • rags
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • the solvent (if the paint is too thick)
  • tools for disassembly of the frame

Реставрация красла своими руками

Restoration of furniture with his own hands: reinvent an old chair

With the help of variates or blades cut all the seams, having examined the upholstery on the details.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Use parts of the old upholstery as a template, pay attention to seam allowances, which were provided initially.

Mark all items on the canvas, new upholstery. Cut them out with scissors.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Note: when marking make sure that original parts fit the front side to the underside surface of the new paintings.

If needed, install the Velcro tape.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Cleave the details of the pins, put them together, right sides inside.

Stitch all seams, controlling the padding from the edges. If you haven’t installed the Velcro, leave a small opening so that the cover can be twisted.

If the Ottomans will be held in place on the frame by Velcro, now is the time to sew.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Insert native foam pillow or other cushioning material in a new case.

Реставрация красла своими руками

The same operations repeat with back and other soft parts of the seat.

If the frame of the chair is in good condition, all cushions can be captured and used new furniture. If the wooden parts do not look, you can paint or lacquering.

How to redo an old chair: painted

Easiest way to paint an old chair, after dismantling the frame parts. If this procedure seems difficult, you can do without disassembly.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Treat all the surfaces with sandpaper medium grain, and then go to smaller ones.

Blow off parts wood dust.

Prepare a paint of the necessary color. If necessary, dilute it with solvent.

Paint all details and Let the paint dry. For best results, the paint is better applied in multiple layers.

Реставрация красла своими руками

Secure the cushion to the frame with Velcro or staples. The restored chair is ready to use.

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