Клуб монтажников «Лемакс»

As one of the leading manufacturers of heating and water heating equipment, the company “lemax” not only provides high quality and modern functionality of their products, but also maintains the level of service.

All the installation professionals who install boilers “lemax”, the manufacturer offers to participate in a corporate “Club fitters”.

This marketing program is aimed at creation of favorable conditions when working with the equipment “lemax”. To participate in the installation professionals working in any region of the Russian Federation. When the equipment is “lemax” member of the club will receive bonuses and other privileges that you can use when ordering the following quantities of products or spare parts from the catalog of the company “lemaks”.

Rules of participation in the “Club fitters lemax”

Offer applies only to installers who install equipment “lemax”. To become a member of the “Club fitters”, perform the following simple steps:

get a map. This can be done at the show or seminar of the company “lemaks” or ordered via the website;
register on the corporate website of the manufacturer. The procedure is quite easy and takes few minutes;
to install boiler “lemax” series “Forward”, “Premium”, “Leader”, “KSG” “Gazovik” Clever, Wise or Prime-V. Please note that commissioning does not apply to the installation of the boiler, therefore, not counted within this promotion;
make notes about installation in the installation ticket that is attached to the passport of the boiler. Please note that a scan or photo of the setup pass with the mark was adopted by representatives of the company “lemaks” in expanded form passport page, all fields must be filled in. An example of the correct picture and fill in is shown in the photo published on the page with the conditions of the program;
to provide information about the installation in your “Personal Cabinet”, which will be available after registration. It is very important to correctly specify the phone number of the owner of the boiler, and also attach a scan or photo of the installation of the certificate, completed in accordance with the rules. Please note that the application of the established pot will be forfeited if the company’s representatives fail to contact the owner of the equipment during the month following the application.

What gives participation in the “Club fitters”

For each set boiler “lemax” member of the “Club fitters” gets Lemma (bonuses). They accumulate on account of “Personal Cabinet”. Further bonuses can be used on promotions that are held by an authorised representative of “lemax” — LTD “interset”, or when purchasing spare parts for equipment “lemax”. The amount of bonuses depends on the capacity of the installed boiler, the corresponding table is given on the page describing the rules of engagement. The accrual of bonuses is carried out within six working days after confirmed installation of the boiler. Participants who have installed boilers 50, get a gold card that allows you to purchase products “lemax” at wholesale factory prices.

“Lemax” reserves the right to change the terms of the program, pledging to inform its members within 14 working days prior to the expected implementation of changes. On the website of the company “lemaks” you can learn more information about the “Club fitters” and also order the card and register to participate in this program.