Как хобби влияет на игровые предпочтения?

Maybe you’ve never focused your attention, but our playing habits are very often associated with what we enjoy in life, and Vice versa. Often our Hobbies are very closely connected with what he was fond of our parents or someone they wanted to see in their children. That is a hobby appears very often in childhood, and in one of these articles we carefully revised the theme a children’s hobby.

Как хобби влияет на игровые предпочтения?

Children who every day played “Square”, “Egg” and other ball games, there will be more to get involved in football, volleyball and basketball. If a child often as a child, went fishing/hunting, traveling, exactly the same things will be interesting when he grows up. Of course 100-percent guarantee is never there and the hobby is chosen for the soul, and often changes with age. Favorite activity often helps to distract from the urgent cases, and according to numerous research is a hobby helps to deal with stress. The most popular way to relax is drawing, and not for nothing there were coloring books for adults. In the East, decided that with the help of the letter or any other motions on the paper the person is immersed in a state of meditation. At the same time on a sheet of paper spill out emotions, and thereby releases the negative energy and achieve inner peace and a feeling of complete harmony. In the West, the psychologists asked the children to draw something on paper or show different blots in conjunction with additional questions, thus a fairly simple way to identify serious problems in a child’s life.

Games and Hobbies

Some adults believe that video games in no way be attributed to the hobby. Indeed, it is not normal for a child to spend the whole evening sitting at the computer or game console. First of all, it is bad for health, and on the other hand the child could do something more useful with your spare time. On the other hand, if there is a balance between time spent in the air and on the computer, games can positively affect children’s development. For example, the same shooting develop attention and reaction, while racing games are introduced to the path of the car in the future will help to learn driving a little faster. Every game to some extent develops some kind of quality in a child, but if the course is not see through and allow the clock to kill zombies with a chainsaw, we know roughly what it may bring (numerous accidents in the USA). The boys often play soccer (FIFA), strategy (Heroes of might and Magic), racing and shooting games, while girls prefer life simulators (the SIMS), RPG and quests. We should also mention the love of the older generation to horticultural simulators (women) and quartini simulators (men). Large design company Alno has released their game-program for the simulation of the apartments, and today is one of the most successful in its segment. Lover of digging in the garden prefer games like Gardenscape horticultural where you can create the garden of your dreams it is necessary to carry out tasks and quests that I love in games, the representatives of the fair sex.

To abuse the games are not always bad. Regular gamers will also be successful, and the examples are not far to seek. Many motorists know of this blogger, as Alan Enileev, which in principle is a star Instagram’and allows himself to travel across countries, to ride a cool car, partly because he was a professional player in the racing series Need for Speed, and in 2006 won the World championship in eSports in this race. Alan became the first successful players in Russia, having earned the first serious money, 15 thousand dollars, at the age of 17 years. Alan always liked the car, it was his hobby that grew into something more with the games, so remember that everywhere there is a balance and maybe stopping someone from computer games you brake quite reach it.