Cindy Crawford urges not to be ashamed of your age

Синди Кроуфорд призывает не стесняться своего возраста

50 years model feels perfect!

Looks supermodels are admired and surprised her millions of fans around the world. In my 50 Cindy looks amazing, no noticeable wrinkles, smooth and smooth skin, and perfect figure.

It is not surprising that Crawford is absolutely not shy and does not hide its age: every woman wants to look like in 50 years. In an interview the model admitted that he knows that 50 years is impossible to look 20, but never fear.

Синди Кроуфорд призывает не стесняться своего возрастаCindy, deteriorate: Getty Images

“Don’t bother me comments in Instagram that don’t look like in 20 years. I already know about it! Sometimes to be under public scrutiny is hard, but you need to work on yourself. No matter what I did, like 20 or 30 is not going to look like. It is important to look great in their 50s! I do sports, eat right and take care of the skin. Women exert pressure and demand from them the impossible, it is beyond the power of it because of age. It is important to look great, no matter how many years you was not”, – said the Crawford West magazine NewBeauty.

“I remember myself at the beginning of the modeling career when I had to do my own hair and makeup. I never gave it much importance, and could not do. And now I had to buy everything you need for make-up. The shooting was found with Iman and Diane DeWitt. To cope, I looked in the mirror and imitate their every action. Looked at this moment 12-year-old child,” recalled Cindy her first steps.

By the way, Crawford is not the only one of the Actresses, who urged fans to be proud of their age. Cameron Diaz even a book wrote about this!

“I’m happy to continue the conversation about what aging can be nice. If you understand how your body works, you save a beautiful shape, and it will help you to live a wonderful life,” says Diaz.

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