Звезду «Дома-2» затравили за макияж после ринопластики

Leading project in the Seychelles in shock from the aggression of fans.

Marina Cherkasova came to conquer Moscow from Rostov-on-don. She’s 21. She dances, engaged in modeling business, has over 400 thousand followers on Instagram. In show business, the girl better known as Marina Mexico. Such an alias she took while working in a Moscow nightclub – Cherkasova danced in the style of go-go.

A photo posted by Mexika (@mexika_official) on Dec 20, 2016 at 3:44am PST

The first known to Mexico came on the show “Dom-2”. Now Marina has “grown up” leading one of the divisions of telestroke in the Seychelles.

In order to continue to pursue my goal of becoming insanely popular, the media personality decided to make another plastic surgery. Not difficult to guess, the lips she already did. Hair extensions don’t count. The star of “House-2” has decided to adjust the nose.

So uninhibited girl (“House-2” gave invaluable experience) that he decided to announce the campaign to the surgeon in my social networks. Moreover, showed not only their doctor, but as she lies on a surgical table. By the way, Mexico went to the famous Moscow doctor Nut Babayan, the clinic which PR Dana Borisova.

The climax of the revelations became a photo after rhinoplasty.

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However, fans of such passages of the Marina is not appreciated. And it’s not even in revelations by type Dzhigurda, post the face immediately after blepharoplasty. Members of the Marina began to persecute the poor for doing surgery in cosmetics. To be precise, in extending the eyelashes.

The maxik even had to write a response to this plaintive post.

“God, you are evil! What have I done wrong? For you I write such shit? Wrong guys, I’m after the surgery, waited your support and all you can do is to pour dirt… My appearance suggests that I’m some kind of stupid? But that’s no reason to want me dead! Please, do not judge and not be judged! Yes, during the surgery, I was in cosmetics, I didn’t have time to erase it all? Calm down? Thank you!

What do you think, the beauty and the glory worth the sacrifice?