Without complexes: Sedokova showed Breasts

Без комплексов: Седокова показала грудь

The singer has admitted that she is “sexy mommy”, and never ceases to prove it.

34 Anna Sedokova, she is a mother of two beautiful daughters. But to part with the status of a sex symbol is certainly not sting. And every week subscribers happy Frank card. But this time the star posted a picture which, according to the remark of subscribers was too hot! Photo Sedokova only lace chemise and… red lipstick!

Photo: @annasedokova

While nothing to write Anna was not sending to subscribers, only three pixel heart.

However, on the topic of explicit photos on his page Sedokova spoken more than once.

“Society dictates us the rules, put #cagemate. Give up on yourself, forget what was before, now give only positive example. You must, you must. But who is society? Those who do not want to raise his ass and go to the gym? Or those who Harbor moral principles of his laziness? We can argue endlessly about what is right and what is not. And each of us will be right. But to abandon myself I will never allow it. And yourself! Be yourself, the one that wanted to be my whole life. And your family will always support you!” – said the singer.

And I must say that a lot of stars with her in solidarity. Famous for candid shots and Vodonaeva, and Chekhov, and Romanov. And all, like Sedokova has long been in the status of mom.