Charlize Theron and Sean Penn kept at a distance

Шарлиз Терон и Шон Пенн держатся на расстоянии

The pair first after a breakup appeared together. At the Cannes film festival they presented the film “the Last face”. Now, they share only work – and it shows.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn and last year were outstanding guests of the festival. But then if the actor accompanied the actress on the red carpet as the groom, but now they came as colleagues. In the main competition this year involved the film “the Last face, which Penn was removed, and Theron played the leading role in the company, Javier Bardem and Jean Reno. It is said that shooting of this picture become fatal for lovers: the feelings do not stand the test of the joint work.

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Their relationship lasted almost two years and ended last summer. After that, Theron supposedly broke off all contact and contracts, did not respond to calls and messages. But the actress denied the rumors: “Before Cannes we occasionally crossed paths, I was aware of the progress of the film. Yes, we had relations, when the shooting went. And when they ended, was not met. But have created a beautiful movie, and I can say for both of us: we pretty much treat each other to understand how important it is to present this film together.”

Your professionalism proved stars at the festival, where for the first time after a breakup appeared together. But notice how they’re keeping their distance: not stood on the Photocall, sat separately at a press conference. But last year in Cannes she didn’t let it out of his hands, and he was watching her, admiring glances. But now they share only the work, nothing personal.

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