Супруг Бузовой перенес очередную операцию

Dmitry Tarasov posted a picture from his hospital bed.

Fans scared another photo of spouse of Olga Buzova. In a hospital bed Dmitry bandaged hand and inserted the tampon in the nose. Looks like another professional trauma of the football player brought back to the hospital.

“AD AUGUSTA PER ANGUSTА (to high places by narrow roads) thanks mom and everyone who supported me”, – has signed a snapshot Tarasov. However this message was a surprise to fans: “what about you wife?”, – puzzled members.

Indeed, every party, every walk and the last time Tarasov was in the hospital, they, together with Olga laid out dozens of joint photographs with touching captions about love and reciprocity.

By the way, the network is not the first day to discuss the discord between Buzova and Tarasov. Alleged images of the joint have a pair of a long time Instagram was not observed, and the Awards party Insta 2016 Buzova came alone. Yes, and pictures of the footballer in the company of strangers girls shock the audience! It is one of the nicest, in recognition of polzovateley social networking, the star couple is going through a crisis in a relationship?

Recently Olga was feeling unwell and according to records in the Instagram beloved husband star is not supported.

“We with you one blood, you and I annabuzova. Thank you that arrived yesterday and spent half the night with me, appreciate their loved ones. You know, it happens that from a stranger, you get much more care and love than you can imagine and it is so nice. Life is a funny thing, however. The main thing – health. Take care of yourself, please! I think I might even sleep a little,” wrote Olga.

After all, just last week, more than six million subscribers Buzova discussed her possible pregnancy. The fact that the last time host of the popular project made a remarkable recovery visible to the naked eye. And yet almost all the recent photos in Instagram Olga Buzova poses for the camera exceptionally spacious sweaters or oversized jackets that hide the belly.

The TV presenter does the news on the replenishment has not commented, but has repeatedly recognized that it is ready to children.

It remains for us to wish Dmitry a speedy recovery and harmony in the relationship with his wife.