“Miss Iceland” disrupted the beauty contest because of the advice to lose weight

«Мисс Исландия» сорвала конкурс красоты из-за совета похудеть

On passing in Las Vegas for the international beauty pageant Miss Grand International 2016 scandal.

“Miss Iceland” Arna IR Jonsdottir two days before the finals of the accused organizers in bodyshaping (imposition criteria for the ideal body) and left the project.

The girl said that is not going to sit on diets due to the fact that someone did not like her figure.

“I’m a very strong woman, but sometimes my strength is not enough,’ said Arna, as the newspaper writes The Telegraph. – The producers asked me to lose weight because I have extra pounds and my shoulders are too wide. But I decided to leave.”

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Also Icelandic admitted that she likes her body, and if someone says she’s too fat or something like that, these people did not “deserve.”

“Miss Grand International does not deserve my face, body, personality or soul,” she added.

And finally, Arna expressed the hope that her words will be heard: the organizers of the beauty contest “will open your eyes” and will judge the participants according to international standards, not their own sympathies, and the girls will stop chasing a glossy appearance for the sake of victory. She, in turn, would never participate in such events.

The organizers of Miss Grand International, note that while the words Arny left unattended. Other contestants also declined to comment.