Sobyanin asked the fans to choose her hair color

Семенович попросила фанатов выбрать ей цвет волос

The star can not decide what hair color to welcome winter.

Russian artist not lovers of radical change of image, but for the sake of the role, and just on the mood Anya every few years changes the shades of the hair. So, we remember red S., brown hair, and also the star experimented with all shades of blonde.

This time the 36-year-old star could not decide what color hair she should dye it, and appealed to the fans.

“My dear, good morning! I really need your help, soon I will go in Peter to the show, and there lives the wizard, which colors my hair. So I think maybe I need to go back to the brown-haired woman? Soon the New year, and I wanted to slightly change the appearance, I was of different shades, from black to blonde. Blonde I go the last 5 years, and I wanted a change, I’m fickle. Advise what color to choose in this time”, asked Anna to his army of subscribers.

“Caramel, Brown hair! Very beautiful”, “Blonde is most definitely your. Dark shades add age”, “Maybe red?” – divided opinions of the public.

However, the majority voted for caramel Ombre, finding in this painting the middle ground.

We also decided to ask our readers to help Ana to decide what color to paint it.

What color of hair is Anya?

  • Семенович попросила фанатов выбрать ей цвет волос
  • Семенович попросила фанатов выбрать ей цвет волос