Муж Бородиной снял обручальное кольцо

It seems that the rumors of a rift in the family leading “House-2” are true. Kurban Omarov no longer wears her wedding ring.

A few weeks ago Ksenia and Kurban ceased to publish a joint photo. Fans got worried…I didn’t intend to divorce? While Borodin remained silent, her husband stopped wearing the symbol of their Union engagement ring!

Fans Borodina closely monitoring her personal life. A few months ago in the family of Xenia reigned idyll – a couple vacationing on the Islands, and back in Moscow ceased to publish a joint photo. Even on the birthday of the eldest daughter Borodina Marusya Kurban was not. The presenter was silent, and lobster in social networks wrote under the photo hashtag “miss her”.

And all anything, but a couple of days ago, Ksenia told his followers that no longer has a relationship to the clothing store, which opened on the eve of the wedding with Eid. Fans of the star immediately remembered that this business gave her husband and apparently took…

“The store, as I understand it, opened it with her husband, and they headed husband. Now something has gone wrong in family life, and the store to go to him but she doesn’t want to give it to yourself to cash in…”, – write fans of Susie.

The scandal began to gain momentum and then…Kurban Omarov has published on his page the next photo, and on his left ring finger was not an engagement ring!

Really, the end of the story? On the eve of the first anniversary of the wedding – the couple got married on 3 July 2015 and in December they had a daughter, Thea.

Then as they say, wait and see.

By the way, in social networks appeared a fake account Kurban Omarov, in which someone under his name writes that their marriage collapsed, and his daughter Thea to live with her father after the trial.

Even if it really was fake!

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