Бейонсе готова к разводу с Джей-Зи

This singer said on one of secular parties…

Foreign media unanimously claim: the divorce of Beyonce and Jay-Z! Their relationship leaves much to be desired. For several months the couple quarrel constantly. And very wildly, shouting and smashing crockery (probably expensive!). A couple of times beyoncé was even kicked out of the window of their luxury home things wife while requiring the husband to leave the room and her life.

Friends of the star couple, however, the news of an impending divorce are not surprising. As stated by many, the living together of Beyonce and Jay-Z initially looked like a volcano. But in recent times, this mountain range woke up and began to throw out lava in immense quantities. It is no wonder that at a recent gala dinner organized by the producer for friends, young people are not spread between a pair of words. And Jay-Z completely disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving his wife alone with the guests. Beyoncé was very upset by the behavior of the husband.

However, the singer herself and often pours oil on the fire. At one of the social events she had a few too many cocktails, and taking from his finger a wedding ring, publicly announced a separation from his betrothed.

“I’ve had enough! Divorce!” cried Beyonce. Fortunately it quickly took assistants. From a sin far away…

How to assure the relatives of the singer, the cause of the disorder in the star family was jealousy. Producer Jay-Z is constantly surrounded by young performers, which can not irritate hot-tempered Knowles. Someone like a crowd of importunate rivals near her husband? To Express their protest, Beyonce decided to move to another room of their luxury rented home in California.

Meanwhile on the audience both continued to depict the perfect couple. Jay-Z throws wife flowers, Beyonce confesses her love for him from the stage.

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