Became known date of the funeral of Anton Elchine

Стала известна дата похорон Антона Ельчина Family and fans will say goodbye to the Hollywood actor in Los Angeles. Anton Yelchin was lost under wheels of own car. 27-year-old actor famous thanks to roles in blockbusters and television series.

      Стала известна дата похорон Антона Ельчина

      Fans of Anton Elchine still can’t believe the tragic accident that happened to their favorite actor. 27-year-old died under the wheels of his car. The tragedy occurred at the home of the stars in the valley of San Fernando, USA. In the case of the death of the artist under investigation.

      From Leningrad to Hollywood: a colorful life and mysterious death of Anton Elchine

      However, according to preliminary data, Yelchin drove off in his car from the house, and then stopped, got out of the car and not put it on the handbrake. The car went back to death and pressed the actor to the gate of the house. The basic version of police is that the incident with Anton was an accident, but other possibilities occurred are also considered.

      The star of the blockbuster Star trek will be buried on Friday in Los Angeles. This “StarHit” said family friend Alcina, Director of the State ballet on ice Saint Petersburg, Mikhail Fireplaces. To bid farewell to the actor will come to his family, friends and fans.

      Perhaps if on that fateful day, Anton put the car on the hand brake, the tragedy would not have happened. The numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva has its own version of the cause of the death of a young talented actor.

      “On March 24th in life Elicina the year of the energy decline. Such periods are very dangerous for people who are already prone to mood swings. As a rule, because of the decline they begin to lose vigilance, become scattered and inattentive. Besides, June 19, died when Anton was already for him on the basis of numerological calculations, a day of karmic triangle – the day when accidents happen, theft and other misfortunes. Every person these days, usually in year three to six. In such days need to be especially careful to think through every step. But Anton, unfortunately, acted rashly, and his carelessness cost him his life. I’m sure it was an accident – the option of violent death I rule,” concluded numerologist.

      Recall that Yelchin was born March 11, 1989 in the family of Elicina skaters Viktor and Irina Korina. When he was only six months old, the parents decided to emigrate to the United States. Mother Elicina worked as a choreographer on the creation of the ice show, and his father after moving to the States he began a career as a figure skating coach. Anton himself did not follow the footsteps of their parents, but also chose a creative profession – he became an actor.

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