В особняке Майкла Джексона были найдены материалы с детской порнографией In 2003, the famous singer was accused of pedophilia. During the searches in the singer’s house, law enforcement authorities discovered the racy scenes involving children. According to police, Michael Jackson was a collector of this kind of recording, as well as erotic magazines.

      В особняке Майкла Джексона были найдены материалы с детской порнографией

      Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, during his life time, was accused of pedophilia. However, the police failed to prove the involvement of the singer to commit sexual acts with minors, because they do not have sufficient evidence.

      In 2003, law enforcement officials conducted investigative activities at the ranch the pop star’s Neverland. For a long time the police could not disclose the results of the searches. After thirteen years in the published report States that the house of Michael Jackson then found pictures of naked underage children and Teens.

      According to the police report, Jackson kept seven pornographic collections, which included pictures of naked teenagers, particularly boys. Some items found on a ranch, was previously used as evidence in court, charged Michael Jackson of pedophilia. However, for a long period of time such details were hidden from the General public.

      Among the material seized during the search of the mansion, police found pictures and erotic magazines c Teens, male and female, as well as with young children. Many frames model Nude or body only slightly covered by clothing. Above them committed certain violent actions.

      Part of the pornographic collection of the king of pop shows scenes of sadomasochism. In the congregation of the Jackson meet including sufficiently old editions and collections, for example: “pictures of naked Teens of the late nineteenth century.” According to police, the singer could use such work to attract guests in adolescent boys and persuade them to sexual intimacy.

      Recall that Michael Jackson died in 2009 from an overdose of potent sleeping pills. The famous singer was 50 years old. Doctor Jackson Conrad Murray went to jail for four years on charges of manslaughter. According to the court, the doctor gave the singer a fatal dose of propofol that was the cause of death. At the moment when Michael died, Conrad wasn’t there. Having injection Jackson, Murray came to call, and when he came back, he found the lifeless body and called an ambulance. Michael Jackson could have died from insomnia

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