15-летняя дочь Веры Брежневой наслаждается отдыхом с бойфрендом Sonia Kiperman flew to sunbathe in the town of Forte Dei Marmi in Italy. The heiress Vera Brezhneva surprised followers of his microblog candid picture in a white bathing suit. Users of the social network said that the girl looks amazing. On the Mediterranean coast, Sonia is resting with her boyfriend and his stellar mom.

      15-летняя дочь Веры Брежневой наслаждается отдыхом с бойфрендом

      15-year-old daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman enjoy the rest hot. The girl is a microblog, which shares with followers photos, promotional shots and scenes from travels. Sonya resting in the town of Forte dei Marmi, which is located in the Italian region of Tuscany. Kiperman flew to the Mediterranean coast in the company of family and your boyfriend.

      The girl is not shy to show his tanned body. A few hours ago Sonia posted a hot photo from behind in a white bathing suit, which emphasizes her ass and long legs. “Walked through the streets of a large crocodile. PS Sonya in Paradise, do not disturb, – has signed a frame Kiperman. Fans were left enthusiastic comments girls. The most praised figure 15-year-old Sony, calling it perfect.

      15-летняя дочь Веры Брежневой наслаждается отдыхом с бойфрендом

      By the way, Brezhnev scolds daughter for such candid shots. Many believe that Sonya is very similar to the mother. The other day Faith posted the photo in the company of her daughter and boyfriend girl. The heiress pop star sees nothing wrong with that, went to Italy with boyfriend and family. “All are satisfied”, – so answered the Dormouse to the question users ask.fm about how the family took her lover.

      According to Kiperman, she’s great with the mother as the one around her supports and understands perfectly. “Now my mother became for me truly a real friend and mom that I always dreamed of. Now for me my mom is everything. I love her, and she is the best!” – speaks Brezhnev to her successor.

      Recall that Sonia is building a modeling career and has already achieved some success. 15-year-old ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” is in special model school, and this winter took part in a fashion show at the fashion Week in new York. Kiperman the collection was presented by Ukrainian designer Anna Karenina. Girl watches her figure and tries to eat right. According to her, after acute pancreatitis a healthy daily diet already become a habit. She flatters when it is called lean, on criticism she’s not offended. The growth of 174 centimeters Sonja weighs only 52 pounds.

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