Полина Гренц и Влад Беренич намекнули на роман The star of “the Teacher” and popular blogger having fun together. Polina grents and Vlad Verenich spent the night at the cult party, which took place in “Olympic”. The pair issued a joint photo in social networks.

      Полина Гренц и Влад Беренич намекнули на роман

      Polina grents became famous with the release of the series “Fizruk” on channel TNT. The young actress played Sasha Mamaev. For this role, 21-year-old girl had to recover 16 pounds. However, now fans of the Comedy sitcom have to get used to the new Pauline. The fact that some time ago the actress has joined the project “lose Weight with StarHit” and threw more than sixteen pounds. The slender, long-haired beauty is hard to find funny Sasha Mamaev.

      Interestingly, one of the fans of “Teacher” for a long time is the friend of Pauline, a popular video blogger Vlad Verenich. Humorous videos young publishes to YouTube, gaining hundreds of thousands of views, and his page in Instagram following a quarter of a million subscribers.

      The other day Vlad attentive fans immediately noticed that in his microblog appears the star of the TV series. Of course, it has not caused positive emotions. Over the weekend, Perenich and grents spent the night together in one of the most exciting parties of the summer at the Olympics.

      Полина Гренц и Влад Беренич намекнули на роман

      Girls jealous of his pet to his new friend after reading the caption to the picture. “Why ask someone to take a picture of you with flash in a very dark place? We don’t need it, we Shine!”, – wrote the young man.

      When sharing a photo with Berenice appeared on page grents, fans of the actress have no doubt – a couple of hints at romance. Many were glad for the actress, and some openly envied her, because Vlad is quite popular among youth blogger.

      However, Polina herself confirmed that her and Berenice romantically involved.

      “This is my congenial man, Vlad Verenich, we we are having a great time,” she said mysteriously in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Recall that in late 2015 Polina grents participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”. The girl changed your diet and even tried the so-called “lazy fitness” – a procedure during which the body is glued sensors with a current, contributing to the contraction of the muscles. Despite all the difficulties it faced on the way to harmony, the star has achieved the cherished goal – the scales showed 52 pounds.

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