Василиса Володина сообщила о тяжелой болезни Astrologer and TV presenter admitted on a social network that lost voice. Vasilisa Volodina overstrained the ligaments and now can only cipet. She asked followers to suggest her that will help restore health.

      Василиса Володина сообщила о тяжелой болезни

      Host of the show “let’s get married” and astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told his fans about the health problems. The woman completely lost his voice and doesn’t know how to return it.

      According to Volodya, this situation happened due to the fact that in recent time it is often too much and talked loudly and was under a stream of cold air from the air conditioner.

      “I lost my voice. It happens to me 1-2 times a year on the basis of a load on the ligament. But now, probably has been added and air conditioning. Advice next time cancel and transfer at a later time, restore the throat. No matter how treated, but there is no help, nor figs in the milk or sage. The result is zero. Can only neorganichno to cipet. If someone knows a reliable and effective means of restoring voice to email directly here. Cognac not to offer,” wrote Vasilisa on the page in a social network.

      Subscribers TV presenter decided to share in the comments to write in ways that helped them to cope with such a problem. “Sleep, peace and quiet, and will pass by itself”, “Propolis helps in the form of a rinse,” “Vasilisa, you need to work out fanpedia, the voice will come back to you much faster”, “My work is also related to voice, such a problem there. Save olive oil. Hold in mouth for a few minutes”, – such advice left followers Volodya.

      Vasilisa wants as quickly as possible to improve their health, to get to work. In addition to the show “let’s get married”, Volodin holds private consultations and makes astrological predictions in the office, located near her home. Volodin himself has organized a schedule so she had time to care for a younger child. “Plan your day so that have to my son, so distribute the work so that it accounted for his morning and afternoon sleep. If time permits, be sure to walk herself, no nurse” – said Volodin in an interview.

      The boy was born on 3 January 2015 at the elite clinic “Lapino”. Glory was the second child in the family of Volodya and her husband Sergei. Also the parents of a daughter, Victoria, soon to be 15 years.

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