Оскорблением Сергея Жорина в адрес Кати Гордон заинтересовалась полиция The lawyer allowed himself unflattering remarks. Sergei Zhorin expressed a negative opinion in relation to Catherine Gordon on one of the Federal channels, which the journalists interpreted as a threat to her life.

      Оскорблением Сергея Жорина в адрес Кати Гордон заинтересовалась полиция

      The relationship of Catherine Gordon and Sergey Zhorin has not been easy. The couple was married twice. The couple disagreed with scandals, because again reconciled. In 2012, the famous journalist and lawyer star was born the son Daniel, but to keep a family lover and failed.

      Once the spouses conflict over the fact that Catherine was delivered in one of capital hospitals. Gordon wanted to bring her husband to justice for the beating, but according to her, the case was closed because of the Statute of limitations. Leading later confessed that her husband asked to take her statement.

      Now, after almost five years on air of one of Federal channels again raised the issue of the beating. Sergei made a statement that shocked the journalists filmed the story with the participation of Gorina. Counsel used profanity to address the ex-wife.

      “I’m talking specifically for the channel Russia – Katya Gordon was not beaten by anyone, which is why a lot of decisions about refusal in excitation of criminal case. To be honest, sometimes I regret that I did not (obscene language), and just because it’s the mother of my child”, – said the Zhorin.

      The show’s Executive producer has filed a complaint with the police on the fact of public threats Gorina. She is a leading businesswoman emphasizes that she did not initiate this test. Catherine hopes that the police will investigate the matter, and the conflict with Garinim will not inflame with new force.

      “I just want this person left me alone. All. Dan doesn’t know him – Sergei on his own initiative, refused to communicate with him. Four years later, his non-participation in education, I just ask him to build their lives, and leave threats. He knows I’m happy in my personal life, and can’t seem to forgive us. He said many times that without him we have nothing. But we survived and all we are asking is to leave the threat, ” said Gordon in an interview with “StarHit”. – At the time I did all that Sergei had gotten away with my beating, but has now exceeded the Statute of limitations on this case, and he started a PR campaign against me… “

      Kate Gordon believes that she was robbed because of work

      Recall the first time Sergei and Ekaterina were divorced in April 2012 and re-signed on 19 April 2014. But this time, their marriage did not last two months. Now Gordon prefers not to talk about his former wife. “The past, as a neighbor in the stairwell – I know I’m not hiding, but for salt don’t go and face not often” – so described his attitude to the past businesswoman.

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